Siebzeh Flower Flamingo Swappable Phone Grip Phone Holder Suitable for Cell Phones & Tablets (4x4cm) [CLONE]

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Small size, great power. This phone holder can be stretched freely, that is, ready to stick and ready to use. It is sturdy and does not fall off, which is more convenient to hold.
The phone holder allows you to stand your device freely on any surface. Watching TV shows is more convenient and free your hands.
Not only has a well-designed design, but also storage your earphone .
After stretching the phone holder , you can raise the phone to prevent water from entering the phone.
With this stand, the phone can be held more stable when taking selfies and take beautiful photos.
Use Tips: First clean the dust of phone or tablet case, then attach the electrostatic film to the surface of the phone case. Then attach the balloon support to the static membrane.